MODSTEEL offers a new technology in the field of full-service construction solutions with a solid foundation on excellence, experience and knowledge. Introducing this new technology in the industry, as MODSTEEL we have ingrained a high level of expertise into our business model, maintaining the best standards and procedures while employing innovative methods to achieve superior results.

Increasing construction costs and energy deficiency are the main triggering factors behind the development of the MODSTEEL building methodology.

What can MODSTEEL provide for you?

  • Durability
  • Environment Friendly Products
  • Perfect Insulation
  • Light Structures
  • Best Process Management
  • 7/24 Technical Support
  • Quick Installation
  • Price Advantage


The MODSTEEL construction model tends to:

  • Prevent undesirable environmental effects by utilizing breakthrough insulation methods.
  • Re-engineer the cost/utility ratio of existing construction materials in term of weight, heat and sound insulation.
  • Develop current traditional building techniques in such a way that accelerates construction delivery and thus real estate turnover rate.
  • Save energy.
  • Lower construction-related environmental pollution and noise.
  • Improve efficiency and maximise the utilisation rate of the bricks by utilising only 10 % of the brick thickness while keeping 100 % of the concrete strength.

We take pride, responsibility and accountability to the next level, with a focused goal of achievement. Through consistent training, leadership and good judgement, we deliver bottom-line benefits to building owners and developers. Our team makes a concerted effort to employ the most cost-effective methods, using the best natural materials and resources to complete our projects.


MODSTEEL’s vision is to be a well known leading solution partner by using new technologies with its tailor-made, innovative engineering designs in construction industry.



MODSTEEL aims continuous development by providing best quality and low cost original products and keeping customer satisfaction in highest level with its expert staff.