Telecommunication Shelters
(GSM Containers,Telecom Shelter)

MODSTEEL is a well known experienced telecom shelter manufacturer for telecommunication industry. We design and manufacture telecom shelters for electrical equipment for all purposes. Airport ICAO shelters, telecommunication shelters, GSM shelters, equipment containers, server rooms, VAR (Video Assistance Referee) Rooms, E-houses.

MODSTEEL containers are designed for long life period, each module has highest corrosion resistant, perfect insulation, advance protection and reliable performance.

Above all, we also create optimum solutions for our customers. Cost effective, high quality, innovative and fast production speed.

In conclusion, modules can be equipped with different electrical and cooling systems; passive cooling systems for energy saving applications or fully integrated systems with customer equipment and accessories in order to provide a complete turnkey solutions.

Our communication cabinet and telecom shelter features;

  • Cost effective
  • Modules can integrate with various specialist equipment including communications, signalling, control gear and batteries.
  • Perfect insulation against dust and water.
  • Very good thermal insulation. Therefore, MODSTEEL shelters save cooling energy.
  • If necessary it can be adapted with solar energy for remote sites. So no need for main power as we can produce fully solar and battery powered.
  • All parts are galvanised steel. Highest corrosion resistant.
  • Forklift pockets can be installed at bottom chassis.
  • MCT(Roxtec or equivalent brand) is one of the accessories for cable connections.
  • Cable tray, cable ladder or EMT piping will be installed according to customer wish.
  • Best finishing workmanship.
  • Strengthen points at the side walls for A/C or any other equipment which will be mounted on walls.
  • MODSTEEL use well known global brands such as LEGRAND or SCHNEIDER in outlets, sockets and plugs.
  • MODSTEEL GSM Shelters can be specifically designed for different and irregular shapes, various sizes, rapidly installed, easily transportable, very low maintenance costs and long life period through the use of high quality components and corrosion free materials.
Please feel free to contact us for further details for telecom shelter.