Prefabricated Building


  • Easy Production
  • Easy Transportation
  • Perfect Insulation
  • Easy Assembly
  • Juncture with Screw-Bolt
  • Fast production
  • Use of good quality material proper to standards
  • High quality because of prefabrication
  • Technical service support
  • Longevity
  • Re usability (Buildings can be remounted or relocated easily)
  • Allows Easy Architectural Changes
  • Resistance to Climate Conditions
  • Multipurpose Use
  • Cost Effective


One of the products of MODSTEEL is light gauge steel structures in other words prefabricated buildings or panelised structures. MODSTEEL is one of the leader company in this field with its machinery park and experienced engineering team. We manufacture any kind of tailor made structure according to customer wish with our unique process management in accordance with the national and the international standards and following high engineering methods and technologies. Therefore, MODSTEEL creates cost, optimum design, fast production, high quality, best after sales support advantages to its customers.

We can design and manufacture prefabricated panel type steel buildings as one-story, two-story, three-story or four-storey according to customer wish. Also, structural design is flexible, because of that design can be changed upon customer request. Panels can be removed or relocated easily.

Some of the building types

  • Houses
  • Social Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Dormitory Buildings
  • Labor Camps
  • WC & Shower Buildings
  • First Aid Units
  • Kitchen & Refectory Buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Recreation Buildings
  • Explosion Proof Buildings
  • Laundry Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Military Camp Buildings
  • Security Cabins
  • Refugee Camps


On the other hand, we have 3 manufacturing facilities located in Turkey and Egypt. We select the best solution and propose to our customers depending on the project location and conditions. Because of our several manufacturing facilities in different locations gives us additional advantages; such as fast production speed and competitive price advantage.

MODSTEEL follows international standards in all manufacturing process. Beside this, we have EN-ISO certificates which are approved from global well known certification companies for management and welding controls. In addition, MODSTEEL combines its experience up to 35 years in the construction sector with 25 years of experience in steel structures.

Above all, our design engineers create optimum solutions for our customers. Cost effective, high quality, innovative and fast production speed. Because of this, it has never been easy before to reach comfortable, high quality structures and keep your money in your pocket. MODSTEEL is ready to serve you to be best manufacturer.

Additionally, our company also provides engineering consultancy as well as design, manufacturing, installation services or turnkey projects to its clients.