Window Steel Frame Galvanized Profiles Delivered to Brazil

We completed Brazil Project, window steel frames delivered ! Window steel frames with different shapes delivered to our Brazilian customer. MODSTEEL ...

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Cairo Olympic Multi Sports Stadium Project

Multi Sports Stadium Project was Completed! MODSTEEL delivered the second batch of the PTFE steel bearings delivered for Egypt Cairo Multi ...

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PTFE Bearings 1st Batch Delivered!

Steel & PTFE Bearings Delivered! We supplied PTFE bearings included with steel frame to Egypt Stadium project. Cairo Stadium is one ...

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We Completed The Shipment of Galvanized Steel Support!

UPVC Steel Support Profiles Shipped! MODSTEEL supplied galvanized steel support profiles for UPVC doors and windows to Egypt. We supplied the ...

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IPE Profiles

IPE Profiles for South Africa Delivered

MODSTEEL supplied IPE 180 profiles   MODSTEEL supplied IPE steel section profiles to South Africa. Prime Quality products exported in this ...

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Office Container delivered for Kanuni Drill Ship Project

MODSTEEL Worked for Kanuni Drill Ship Project ! We were proud to take part in the Kanuni Drilling Ship Project. MODSTEEL ...

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