Flat Pack Container Project for Belgium Completed


Flat Pack containers for worker camp delivered

MODSTEEL finished the Belgium project. We supplied accommodation units for labors. Containers are modular system. Also all of them are flat pack. This reduced the transportation cost.

All modules manufactured in our facilities with high quality controls.

All modules assembled with a small construction team. Team have only 4 workers. Firstly columns are assembled. Secondly, container roof installed. After that, sandwich panels are assembled.

Above all, electrical and mechanical parts already designed and installed at roof and container chassis. Therefore not much effort needed for these works. All electrical accessories are Schneider brand. Thirdly, and most importantly, flat packing reduce the transportation cost and also site works cost.

If you need fast, economic, high quality accommodation solutions please feel free to contact us.

Container module sizes are 2,5×7 m in this project. All modules have 4 windows at side walls. Additionally each container has one entrance door. Also panic bar installed to the doors for emergency precaution. In addition, we use sandwich panels at the modules. Insulation material is rock-wool. Color of the sandwich panels is RAL9002. Most importantly, we are capable to paint any color for modules.

Container paint is electrostatic powder paint. Therefore life period of the paint is very long. Additionally, adherence is perfect. Floor covering is homogeneous weldable type of PVC. Thickness is 2mm. We use high quality materials in our standard selection.

Moreover, all modules are stackable. In other words, two storey building can easily be modified. Because of that corner columns and structural parts are 3mm thick galvanized steel sheet.

MODSTEEL containers are ideal for work or residential accommodation.



Some benefits of flat pack containers;

  • Transportation advantages,
  • Assembly advantages
  • Durability
  • Modularity
  • Stackable
  • Flexible Design

Additionally we have 7/24 technical support. And best project management services for our customers.

Just dream it, we will make it real for you.

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Manufacturing phase of flat pack containers
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    Kind regards, we are looking for the cost to acquire a FLAT PACK CONTAINER with shipping to Puerto Rico 00680 if possible we would like to know the costs of the product and shipping please send information as soon as possible thanks in advance

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    Would like to inquire on a 12 x 24 container cost n shipping cost as well. Thank you

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