One of the main priority in human life is shelter (Accommodation). And as you know; housing is one of the single most important expenses for most of us. MODSTEEL manufactures modular low cost houses for this basic need. We have a capability of mass production with our latest technology roll form manufacturing lines. Beside of low cost our house solutions are innovative, high quality, durable and have long life period.

Our light gauge steel structures or foam concrete steel structures can be used as accommodation units for industrial or residential use. All MODSTEEL structures are secure, durable, comfortable and quiet with perfect sound and heat insulation.

Our low cost solutions are also ideal for worker accommodation, emergency or student accommodation or even residential, mining or oil & gas accommodation camps. Office Buildings, Dormitory Buildings, Refugee Camps, Military Camps, Emergency Accommodation, Logistic Base Camps, Construction Site Buildings, Modular Units, Modular Hospitals, Multi storey Modular Hotels are some of the areas that you can use light gauge steel structures.

We can help you to create an innovative, functional work space for you. Our optimum engineering design and manufacturing capabilities will ensure to serve you with cost effective and convenient solution with high quality standards.

We have variety of styles and different designs for low cost house solutions. Depending on your request we will study and propose best offer for you.

Low Cost Housing is one of the new concept designs which deals with effective budgeting and following of latest technologies which help in reducing the cost of construction through the use of locally available materials along with improved skills and technology without sacrificing the durability, performance and life of the structure.

Low cost house is designed and constructed just like any other house in regards to the strength, foundation, and structure. Only difference is that low cost houses are affordable and a lot cheaper to execute compared to traditional houses by selecting optimum materials and engineering designs.

MODSTEEL affordable housing system solutions are cost effective, innovative, and environmentally friendly. Thanks to modern housing technologies and our experienced design engineering team. These innovative technologies and optimum design make it possible to construct homes at affordable costs.

MODSTEEL creates cost advantages, optimum design, fast production, high quality, best after sales support advantages to its customers.

Our company also provides engineering consultancy as well as design, manufacturing, installation services or turnkey projects to its clients.