Akkuyu NPP Container Office Building Completed

Container office building delivered

MODSTEEL delivered office container office building to nuclear power plant project construction which is continues in Mersin Akkuyu.

The world of office spaces is evolving rapidly, with businesses seeking flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. In this pursuit, modular offices constructed from shipping containers have emerged as a cutting-edge trend. These innovative workspaces not only offer a modern aesthetic but also address the growing need for adaptable, eco-friendly environments. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of modular offices made from shipping containers and why they are gaining popularity in the corporate world.

The Evolution of Office Spaces:

Traditional office spaces often come with inflexible layouts and high construction costs. As businesses embrace remote work and seek collaborative, dynamic spaces, the demand for modern, modular office solutions has increased significantly. Shipping containers, with their robust structure and portability, have proven to be a perfect fit for this purpose.

All modules manufactured in our facilities with high quality controls according to ISO standards.

Advantages of Modular Container Office Spaces Made from Containers:

  1. Cost-Effective Construction:

    Container office is notably cost-effective. The use of repurposed shipping containers can significantly reduce construction expenses while providing a trendy and unique work environment. This cost savings can be redirected into other crucial areas of business development.

  2. Quick Deployment:

    Traditional construction projects can take months to complete. Modular offices, however, can be set up in a fraction of the time. This rapid deployment ensures minimal disruption to your business operations.

  3. Versatility and Customization:

    Container office can be customized to suit specific business needs. Whether you require a single office space or a multi-story complex, containers can be easily stacked and arranged to create the ideal workspace. Their adaptable nature ensures that businesses can scale or reconfigure their offices as required.

  4. Sustainability:

    The use of recycled containers aligns with the principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness. By repurposing these containers, businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. Moreover, container offices can be equipped with eco-friendly features like solar panels and energy-efficient insulation.

  5. Mobility:

    MODSTEEL Container office is inherently mobile, making them ideal for businesses that need flexibility. Whether your company relocates frequently or requires temporary office space for a specific project, container-based offices can be easily transported to different locations.

  6. Modern Aesthetics:

    Container office offer a contemporary and industrial look that resonates with modern design trends. The combination of steel and glass creates a sleek and stylish workspace that can be further personalized with creative interior designs.

Please feel free to contact us for fast, economic, high quality accommodation solutions.


Loading and Lifting of Modules


Window Steel Frame Galvanized Profiles Delivered to Brazil

We completed Brazil Project, window steel frames delivered !

Window steel frames with different shapes delivered to our Brazilian customer. MODSTEEL is manufacturer company for galvanized steel profiles. Also our portfolio is various for different brands and we capable to produce special shapes according to customer demands.



Also Steel quality and galvanization standards and thickness can be different according to project details. DX51 prime steel quality and Z100 galvanization thickness is our standard. On the other hand we can serve with higher strength steel like S380GD or Z600 galvanization thicknesses. Furthermore salt spray test is available for galvanization quality.


We serve precisely with min tolerances. Details are important for window steel frames because they are relevant and affect the overall quality. Obviously this is why we are one of the leading company on this industry.

Because of international regulations any wood package or any wood inside of the container (even wood for lashing), are fumigated, stamped and have the certified according regulated by ISPM 15 – IPPC in MODSTEEL overseas shipments.



Our company follows EN ISO 9001:2015. Beside of quality management we are certified for ISO 10002, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Moreover you can reach our quality documents from our website. We work globally and serve with high quality standards to our customers from different geographical environments.


galvanized-hollow -section-hallow-steel-support-welded-seamless
galvanized-hollow -section-hallow-steel-support-welded-seamless


Galvanized Coils, Slitted (Cut) Coils

In addition; MODSTEEL supplies galvanized coils and structural steel profiles as a steel service supplier. We offer competitive prices to our customers with short delivery periods with our stock capacity and fast production facilities.

Competitive price, fast delivery time, best project management, 7/24 customer support and high quality standards.

For more details, please see our website and online catalogue.


We Completed The Shipment of Galvanized Steel Support!

UPVC Steel Support Profiles Shipped!

MODSTEEL supplied galvanized steel support profiles for UPVC doors and windows to Egypt. We supplied the products manufactured in our factory to our customers in the fastest deadline. DX51 + Z (1st quality) galvanized coils were used in this order. We produce from prime quality galvanized coils imported from Europe and domestic mills.


Secondly, We can produce U profile, C profile, G profile, Box steel support profiles. We produce PVC steel support frame from 0.6mm to 2.5mm in our Istanbul workshop. Reinforcement steel profiles are use in PVC doors and windows to eliminate the weak brittleness and strength problems of plastic.


Additionally,  we can produce 2nd quality and softer sheets according to customer demand such as DX52, DX53 for more economical solutions. On the other hand; galvanized discharge, color differences, occasional surface oxidation, point damage or stains may be seen in some areas in 2nd quality products, .




However, we do not use ungalvanized sheet or deformed sheet or low galvanized thickness in any of our products.

In addition, we can optimize the length for transportation and lifting issues, we also have the ability to cut or slit in metalworking. In this project, we supplied the profiles as net 5800 mm. All profiles packaged in bundles and sent to our customers as proper load.

Also all product packages labelled during the product loading. Data such as quality, quantity, weight and size can be easily tracked on these labels. We usually load in packs of 12 and large bales of 10. We ensure about the products shipped correctly with minimum risk with the certified lashing service. MODSTEEL team is at your service to reach professional service quality wıth competitive prices.


In addition, MODSTEEL supplies IPE, UPN, HEB, HEA and similar profiles as a steel service supplier. We also have flat steel and coils available in galvanized or black steel. With our stock capacity and fast production facilities, we offer competitive prices to our customers with short deadlines.

For more details, please see our website and online catalogue.

IPE Profiles

IPE Profiles for South Africa Delivered

MODSTEEL supplied IPE 180 profiles

IPE Steel Section Profiles


MODSTEEL supplied IPE steel section profiles to South Africa. Prime Quality products exported in this project. IPE sections basically used in crane manufacturing and construction projects. MODSTEEL supplies IPE, UPN, HEB, HEA and similar profiles as steel service supplier. We can also supply flat steel and coils as galvanized or black steel.




Additionally we can also have cutting or slitting capability in order to optimize length for transportation and lifting issues. In this project we supplied as 6000mm exactly. All profiles packaged as bundles and sent to our customer as proper load.

On the other hand we can give lashing service to our customers during loading and

IPE section-steel-Construction-Sections-Profiles
IPE section-steel-Supplier-Export-South-Africa-Crane-Rail-Construction-Sections-Profiles

transportation if necessary.


MODSTEEL specializes in steel industry. We offer our customers the best optimized  solutions with our strong experienced team.

In addition we follow the steel world market closely and get the raw materials from the most optimized location.

MODSTEEL gives you low costs, fast delivery times, 7/24 customer support and high quality standards. We offer competitive prices for construction steel profiles.


In addition, MODSTEEL sells non-production thick industrial profiles (NOI, NPU, HEB, HEA, HEM, IPE). We have stock materials for regular sizes. Galvanized or black sheet and coil sheets, angles, rods and pipes are again the products of MODSTEEL. We evaluate all the details and offer our customers the best option.

On the other hand IPE and similar irons are used to build structures with one and more floors and to manufacture every kind of steel. It is also know as I beam. NPI and HEA profile irons, which have a great importance in manufacturing machinery and also agricultural equipment. They have increased quality and strength. NPU profile irons generally are used in steel and reinforced concrete construction, industrial constructions and small or huge building constructions.


Beside of metal service center to supply iron, MODSTEEL also give service for steel manufacturing and design. Please see our website and online catalogue for more details.



Office Container delivered for Kanuni Drill Ship Project

MODSTEEL Worked for Kanuni Drill Ship Project !


We were proud to take part in the Kanuni Drilling Ship Project. MODSTEEL supported the office container needs. Our company produces all kinds of camp, office, living containers according to standard or special dimensions and customer requests.

Additionally we use Polyurethane Sandwich Panel, Rock Wool Sandwich Panel or Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel as insulation.









If you wish, we can also supply A / C split air conditioners. We use LED type luminaires for lighting.

The main frame system of office containers consists of profiles obtained by special bending from 2 mm galvanized sheet for the corner, ceiling and floor. So that the container can be lifted in one piece and placed on top of each other in three floors. If the container is in standard dimensions, its outer height is 2.60 m, and its inner height is 2.40 m.

MODSTEEL specializes in living containers, equipment containers, E-House manufacturing and telecom containers. We offer our customers the best modular solutions with our strong engineering team.

One of the main reasons why containers are preferred as an ideal modular building unit is their robustness, low costs and fast delivery times. Containers can be supplied very economically and can be easily mass produced as an industrial, strong and durable item.

MODSTEEL also manufactures flatpack type modules to reduce shipping costs. We can provide turnkey solutions, including assembly work, or support your projects with our experienced supervisors to manage assembly work.

Flatpack containers have a very affordable price advantage due to their low shipping costs. All these details should be considered at the procurement stage.

In addition, we support our customers in choosing the most suitable building type such as flatpack containers, ready-made containers, light steel structure, foam concrete structures, steel structure or container combination structures in their projects. We evaluate all the details and offer our customers the best option.

On the other hand our office container solutions, we also address your wet area problems as MODSTEEL. We use GRP coating from time to time in wet area solutions. We guarantee 100% impermeability in such applications. Please contact us in order to meet your office container, WC & Shower container needs with the most affordable costs.


Flat Pack Container Project for Belgium Completed

Flat Pack containers for worker camp delivered

MODSTEEL finished the Belgium project. We supplied accommodation units for labors. Containers are modular system. Also all of them are flat pack. This reduced the transportation cost.

All modules manufactured in our facilities with high quality controls.

All modules assembled with a small construction team. Team have only 4 workers. Firstly columns are assembled. Secondly, container roof installed. After that, sandwich panels are assembled.

Above all, electrical and mechanical parts already designed and installed at roof and container chassis. Therefore not much effort needed for these works. All electrical accessories are Schneider brand. Thirdly, and most importantly, flat packing reduce the transportation cost and also site works cost.

If you need fast, economic, high quality accommodation solutions please feel free to contact us.

Container module sizes are 2,5×7 m in this project. All modules have 4 windows at side walls. Additionally each container has one entrance door. Also panic bar installed to the doors for emergency precaution. In addition, we use sandwich panels at the modules. Insulation material is rock-wool. Color of the sandwich panels is RAL9002. Most importantly, we are capable to paint any color for modules.

Container paint is electrostatic powder paint. Therefore life period of the paint is very long. Additionally, adherence is perfect. Floor covering is homogeneous weldable type of PVC. Thickness is 2mm. We use high quality materials in our standard selection.

Moreover, all modules are stackable. In other words, two storey building can easily be modified. Because of that corner columns and structural parts are 3mm thick galvanized steel sheet.

MODSTEEL containers are ideal for work or residential accommodation.



Some benefits of flat pack containers;

  • Transportation advantages,
  • Assembly advantages
  • Durability
  • Modularity
  • Stackable
  • Flexible Design

Additionally we have 7/24 technical support. And best project management services for our customers.

Just dream it, we will make it real for you.

Flat pack cpntainer- manufacturer
Manufacturing phase of flat pack containers
container transportation
flat pack container

Our new catalogue is ready


Our new catalogue is ready and you can see it online from above link. We described some of our products and some services that we support our customers.

Some of the products that we produced are not described on the catalogue such as profile manufacturing, container accessories, cold room solutions, furniture or GRP cladding solutions.



Please feel free to contact us for any further information related with our services. Please note that MODSTEEL is the correct address for anything related with steel and working & living spaces.



GSM Shelters are on the way for ANGOLA

Telecom Shelters for ANGOLA shipped successfully by MODSTEEL!

Telecom Shelters production finished and we shipped these special type GSM modules to their address located in Luanda, ANGOLA. In this project we manufacture the shelters according to customer wishes. All containers have special type of logo cladding for advertisement purpose. Logo of the network company illustrated to the side walls of the containers.We firstly create a 3D visualisation of the container than get approval from our customer and than we make the 3D design real.

Containers has also ROXTEC cable entry MCT on the side walls. This will give perfect insulation and connection at the cable entry. Entrance door is made by steel and panic bar installed for emergency precautions. emergency light also installed at the shelters. Modules are durable type for any kind of environmental climate conditions. Insulation level of the container also designed according to Angola whether conditions. MODSTEEL Telecom Shelters are durable construction and have perfect insulation quality for tough nature conditions.

Each container have a place for A/C cooling units and stand alone rack cabinets for telecommunication equipment. We shipped these containers ready erected inside of 40 HC shipping containers. This is also another engineering and logistics success for us since we use all areas inside of the shipping container to have enough space at the GSM Shelter.


MODSTEEL specialised on equipment shelters, E-house production and telecom cabinets. With our strong engineering team we serve to our customers best modular solutions.

We also supply telecom shelter accessories; like rack cabinets, MCT, cable ladder, panic bar, forklift pockets, air conditioner units, cooling systems, humidity removers, ISO corners, steel foundation legs, secondary roof, fire alarm system, FM200, emergency lighting, copper earthing rods, complete earthing system and GRP insulation etc.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about our products.